Lords Mobile Guide – Codes, Tips and tricks to Increase Might faster

Lords Mobile is a masterpiece game. Whether you played it or not, this game is all about madness. This is a strategy game, you need to make your castle strong enough to withstand the onslaught of your enemies and you need to make your attack strong enough to crush your enemies. You need strategies for building your buildings, doing good research, and making good gear. If you focus on construction, research, army, and gear you will be able to crush your enemies much faster.

Lords Mobile Guide

We are going to answer all these questions, so it will be easy for you to get your related questions and answers.

What is the best strategy for Lords Mobile?

  • Work on basic buildings: Hyper ac + manors and build equal to your castle level.
  • Make a hyper account(ore, stones, or wood) and gather for the other two so you will never face resources problem. And try to get food when you exchange in ship allotment.
  • Research on Economy, Monster hunt, and Military first.
  • Complete your hero stages fast, get rose night fast, and try to upgrade your heroes fast. So you can get a better rank in the Colosseum. 
  • Try to complete hell events that give you a hero’s medal. 
  • Join the best guild so you will get good rewards daily. 
  • Hunt monsters daily.
  • Use boost when you do big research, build big buildings, or train troops faster. 
  • Always focus on Player exp points, try to reach 60 fast so you get your level 60 gears faster. Don’t get all the research, troops, or building rewards, first use boost for exp then collect so it will be easy to reach 60 levels. Participating in wars and hunting monsters daily will also give you player exp points. daily colosseum battle also gives you points.
  • Perfect match of gear, troops, and army talents will lead you in attacks and defense. 
  • Focus on some important events like  KVK, guild fest, exchange events

How to get lords mobile codes?

You can search lords mobile codes hackman, and you will be able to get codes. 

Which hero is best in Lord’s Mobile?


Rose night lords mobile best hero

  1. Rose Night
  2. Demon Slayer
  3. Tracker
  4. Prima Donna
  5. Trickster
  6. Child of Light
  7. Death Night
  8. Inclinator
  9. Black Crow
  10. Night Raven
Lore weaver lords mobile

  1. Lore Weaver
  2. Storm Fox
  3. Twilight Priestess
  4. Peity Devil
  5. Barbarian
  6. Groove Guardian
  7. Dream Witch

What is the fastest way to increase might in Lords Mobile?

  • Focus on Research and troops will give you faster might. 
  • Expand your turf and finish the quest also give you might.
  • Buildings/traps also give you might.

Who is the best team in Lords Mobile?


One balanced team

  • Rose Night
  • Demon Slayer
  • Trickster
  • Tracker
  • Prima Donna
Mixed Attack team
  • Rose Night :  
  • Bombin Goblin/death night/ child
  • Tracker
  • Snow Queen
  • Night raven/black crow/ Incinerator
Mixed Defense Team
  • Rose Night
  • Death Night
  • Child of Light
  • Tracker
  • Prima Donna
Coliseum Battle
  • Rose Night
  • Trickster 
  • Tracker
  • Black crow
  • Demon Slayer
Hero Stages
  • Rose Night
  • Black crow
  • Prima Donna
  • Trickster
  • Tracker

P2P Team

  • Lore weaver
  • Storm Fox
  • Twilight Priestess
  • Petite Devil
  • Barbarian

How many manors should I have in Lords Mobile?

At the beginning of the game you need to train soldiers fast, each manor gives you a speed boost of training, So use almost 11 manors 1 barracks, and 3 to 4 infirmaries.

If you want to make a trap you need all the manors

 After getting enough troops to handle a rally you can destroy all the manors and build infirmaries. 

What should I focus on Lords Mobile?

  • Research: Military and monster hunt
  • Troops: t2 or t4
  • Building: Hyper ac + all manors first after managing to a good amount of troops make all infirmaries.
  • Gears: Construction gears, research gears, mixed attack gears, familiar gears, and monster hunt gear

What are 11K heroes Lords Mobile?

The most expensive heroes are called 11k heroes, You need to spend 11k$ to buy them which is really useless but if you managed to buy them, you will be unstoppable after this step. 

  • Dark Magister: Better than rose night and beat him in just 8 sec by his skill-burning eye

  • Light Weaver: 8-sec unlimited hp for him and others make him a great hero.

  • Shape Shifter: 

How do you get a death knight in Lord’s Mobile?

You can get death Night by clearing hero stages. 

How do you get demon slayer Lords Mobile?

You can get death Night by clearing hero stages. 

How long does it take to get 5m might in Lords Mobile? or How do you get a million on might Lords Mobile?

You can get 5m might be in just 1 or 2 weeks without spending a dime if you do proper work. Try to do hell events in the beginning so you can get proper speed-ups and RSS. try to focus on research and troops to get faster might. Spend some gems into VIP points so you will get more benefits. You can buy 1$ pack for gems to get t4 fast. 

Who has the most might in Lord’s Mobile?

Who has highest might in lords mobile lh matty

On the date of 13/2/2022  [AAA], LH Matty Is leading the list of might with a power of 43,622,835,290 nights. and leading guild is [LH0]Xx Time Out xX & [HJD] DHJ

Which hero should I upgrade first Lords Mobile?

  • Rose Night
  • Trickster
  • Tracker
  • Demon Slayer
  • Bombin Goblin

How many infirmaries should I build in Lords mobile?

  • In the beginning of the game 3-4 and when you get enough troops build all infirmaries.

How many farms should I have in Lords mobile?

  • One Farm is enough, if you want farm hyper make all farm.

What is the fastest way to build troops in Lords mobile?

  • Build all manors and save your sped ups for a month and after month use training boost, set talent for training speed, use gears which gives training boost and upgrade familiar who gives training boost. After all, settings are done train your troops, and you will be able to train faster troops. 

What are sigils in Lords Mobile?

Sigils give you an extra gear boost when you unlock them. But you need lots of gems to unlock one single sigil. 

How do I get a Lightweaver?

Buy pack of 11k$

How do you unlock the watcher in Lords Mobile?

You will get watcher medals in Hell events so do hell when the watcher is available for you.

watcher lords mobile

What is the best P2P hero in Lords Mobile?

  • Dark Magister: Better than rose night and beat him in just 8 sec by his skill-burning eye
  • Light Weaver: 8-sec unlimited hp for him and others make him a great hero.
  • Shape Shifter: 
  • Lore weaver
  • Storm Fox
  • Twilight Priestess
  • Petite Devil
  • Barbarian

What is the best f2P hero in Lords Mobile?

  1. Rose Night
  2. Demon Slayer
  3. Tracker
  4. Prima Donna
  5. Trickster
  6. Child of Light
  7. Death Night
  8. Inclinator
  9. Black Crow
  10. Night Raven

Who is the best event hero in Lords Mobile?

  • Watcher: Hell Events and challenges
  • Chaos Dragon: Hell events and challenges
  • Boommeister: Dragon Arena

How many chapters are in Lords Mobile?

8 chapters are divided into Normal mode, elite mode, and challenges mode, each chapter consists of more stages like normal mode consists of 18 stages, elite 6, and challenges 3.

What happens when your leader dies in Lord’s Mobile?

What happened when your leader dies in lord mobile?

Your all boost will be finished till your hero will back after 6 days, you can revive him with revival fruits instantly. 

How do you revive a dead leader in Lord’s mobile?

You need revival fruit or you can wait for 6 days. 

How do I capture leaders in Lords mobile?

Attack a turf and kill all his armies, you will get his leader when he will become zero. You can make a trap for invaders, so you can capture other heroes when they attack your turf. 

How do you execute leaders in Lords mobile?

You need to wait for 2-3 days to execute a hero or you can use the devil’s cap to execute instantly.

How can I get free gems in Lords mobile?

Daily monster hunting, coliseum battle, daily guild rewards, labyrinth, Tycoon, sometime  transmutation lab, hell and solo events, etc

Which is a better clash of clans or Lords mobile?

Lords Mobile is better for p2p while the clash of clans is good for f2p.

Is Lords Mobile still popular?

Yes, there are almost 1000+ Kingdoms, and all kids have almost 5000 to 10000 players. so it has a great user base.

How many migration scrolls do I need?

It depends on your might, You need 1 migration scroll to migrate to the future kingdom if your ranking is below the top 50, if you are in the top 50 you need more than 1 depending on your rank, number 1 rank player needs 90 migration scroll. 

  • Rank 1 = 90
  • Rank 2 = 65
  • Rank 3 = 50
  • Rank 4 = 35
  • Rank 5 = 30
  • Rank 6 = 28
  • Rank 7 = 26
  • Rank 8 = 24
  • Rank 9 = 22
  • Rank 10 = 20
  • Rank 11- 13 = 18
  • Rank 14- 16 = 16
  • Rank 17-18 = 14
  • Rank 19- 20 = 13
  • Rank 21 -22 = 12
  • Rank 23 – 24 = 11
  • Rank 25 – 26 = 10
  • Rank 27 -18 = 9
  • Rank 29-30 = 8
  • Rank 31 – 32 = 7
  • Rank 33-35 = 6
  • Rank 36-38 = 5
  • Rank 39 -41 = 4
  • Rank 42- 44 = 3
  • Rank 45- 50 = 2

What does NAP mean in Lords Mobile?

Nap stands for Non-Aggression pact means if you Nap with another guild means both guilds can’t attack each other but nobody cares about helping each other

How do you get the golden hammer in Lords Mobile?

You can buy a golden hammer with 2200 gems

How do you get petite devil medals?

Pettie devil lords mobile

You can buy a pack of petty devils medal

How much does it cost to get Lore Weaver to gold?

It cost you 165$ if you buy a 5$ pack or 2112$ if you buy it one shot.

Is femme fatale a good hero?

I don’t think so you need to purchase her for 165$, There are many great p2p heroes available. 

What are the best heroes for Colosseum in Lords Mobile?

  • Rose Night
  • Trickster 
  • Tracker
  • Black crow
  • Demon Slayer

What is Verge-way in Lords Mobile?

Verge-way is a mini towedefensece game, where you need to beat enemies and earn great rewards.

How many Verge-way stages are there in Lords Mobile?

There are 135 stages

How many crystal pickaxes Do you need to upgrade your treasure trove?

Almost 5000

What is the use of a gold hammer in Lord’s mobile?

To upgrade level 25 buildings, you need 1 gold hammer.

How do you get Gemming gremlin in Lords mobile?

It’s a familiar associated with pact 3. So you need to research for pact 3 first then you need to Merge the pact in the mystic spire and collect medals for the gemming gremlin.

How do you beat Kingdom tycoon?

To reach the final tile of kingdom tycoon

What is the mysterious mine in Lord’s mobile?

Mysterious mine is used for crafting t5 luminous gears

How do I spend gems in Lords mobile?

You need to spend gems on Battle hall, prison, and alter to reach 25 first after you can spend gems to build armies. 

How do I become powerful in Lord’s Mobile? or How do you get strong in Lord Mobile?

Spend thousands of dollars or spend more time on events and the basics of your game.

What is the longest research in Lords Mobile?

Demoralize level 10 3169 days 

What is the highest Hero rank in Lords Mobile?

rank 8 is higher but if you maxed it out its almost 9

What should I research in Lords Mobile?

First, you need to focus on military and monster hunts.

How do you get the T5 troops in Lords mobile?

Not easy for f2p players but if you p2p player you can easily open it.

What is the use of archaic tome in Lords mobile?

It’s used for p2p research where you need archaic tome to do any research 

Can you shield with prisoners in Lord’s mobile?


What happens to bounty Lords mobile?

You will pay a bounty for your leaders if settlement is done you will get your heroes back, you can demand a bounty if you captured a hero.

How many gems does it take to upgrade Battle Hall?

almost 600k+

How can my leader escape Lord’s mobile?

If you use familiars like Hue hops support skills

Is Lords Mobile worth playing in 2021?

If you are a p2p player you will be enjoying this game but there is no hope for f2p players.

How many people are playing Lords Mobile?

almost 10cr+ downloads

Can we Gift migration scroll?


What is the fastest way to get Guild coins in Lords mobile?

Don’t waste coins, save guild coins there is no fast way to earn guild coins.

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