Master Pirates Codes – Xp, stat resets, money

 MasterPirates Codes can give you freebies such as Free Money, and XP boosts and you’ll become a stronger pirate.

Master Pirate Codes

The game is basically based on Pirates to make the ocean your own. You need more resources and treasure to become a fearless pirate. So our master pirates codes can give you such as experience, money, stat resets, and treasure. 

Master Pirate Codes

Active codes:

KINGNONKD – one ruby

Dinoz_Ch – double XP for 15 minutes

TkzTonkarz – money

MAOKUMA – double XP for 15 minutes

SnipezService – money

GaiGuy – money

WeeraphatLuk Yum – money

ThxForPopPular – stat reset

I_MOODz – stat reset

Expired codes:

There are no expired Master Pirate codes.

How to Redeem Master Pirate Codes?

  • Open Roblox
  • Click on Master Pirate
  • Select menu
  • Click Settings
  • Input your code
  • Click on Redeem
  • Enjoy

What Are Master Pirate Codes?

Master Pirate Codes are freebies such as experience, stat resets, money, etc. Bookmark this page to get the latest freebies.

What is Master Pirates?

Mater Pirates is Roblox one-piece game. You need to create your own pirate and level up to increase your power. 

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