Hero Wars Best Combo Teams

Hello, friends Here is some greatest legendary combo of Hero Wars.

I know you are investing your resources to the best hero but sometimes you missed and invested in the wrong hero. So today I gonna show you the best Combo in Hero Wars.

Hero Wars Best Combo

1. Kai + K’arth + Facelace

If you make the combination of these three then you don’t need other combinations to beat any team. This is a legendary combo and it placed in Super God Tier. Kai and Kath alone placed in A tier and Facelace is useless but if combined than this combo will blast together.

2. Cleaver + Pappy

Cleaver is a strong tank, It is already a legendry tank but if you add pappy with him, it makes the greatest legendary combo and it took place in S tier.

3. Orion + Dorian + Helios

The combo is amazing, if all powers combined than it will blast. When three combined it will take place in A tier.

4. Dorian + Elmir
It also took place in A tier

5. Lars + Krishta

The twins is a famous combo and work amazing together. It took place in A tier.

6. K’arkh + Kai

If we left Facelace from this combo then it became A tiered combo,

7. Luther + Celeste

A jumping Tank + Healer and damage dealer combo is great.

B tier Combo

8. Ismile + Ziri

B tier Combo

9. Orion + helios

B tier Combo

10. Ashtaroth + Galahad

C Tier Combo

11. Luther + Markus

The combination of a jumping tank hero and a healer tank is pretty awesome. Luther distracts all enemies while Markus heals Luther last long. It took Place on D tier

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