Hero Wars best teams

Hero wars is an amazing and unique game. I really surprise to see the gameplay which is quite satisfactory.

Today I gonna share all information about hero wars which help you to become the champion of this game.

The game is known for hero wars, You have to strengthen your heroes to become successful but which hero is more powerful and which one is not. I will share all the tactics here

If you are working harder on some heroes and ignore some will make you big trouble if you are not familiar with the hero’s ability and power. So stay connected with us till the end to get all the information about all the heroes.

First Hero is Galahad: You have to give your 100% for this Hero because he can generate lots of damage to other teams with he can take lots of damage and he can heal himself while attacking.

His strength attacks and he is a tank and plays on the front line. He is a perfect player for the front line till you get cleaver.

He is best for all the teams you make. He is perfect for the first team.

You will get Keira soon so you have two choices either you go with Keira or you will go with ginger. Two mask man can destroy all enemies but you can choose one to go further.

Keira is better than ginger any day. So you can go with Keira but it’s your choice. If you also want to know about Hero wars Best combos visit this link and read it.

Best Healer

We have 4 Hybrid Healers which first work is healing.
1. Thea, you will get it in a few games
2. Markus: You need to wait for Markus but you will get it in the middle of your game
3. Dorean: Hard to get
4. Martha: Depend on your luck because it’s only available when an event happens. Amazing healer.

Dynamic healer:
1. Nebula: Awesome healer + attacker
2. Phobos: you will get it after a few games.
3. Mojo: heal + attack
4. Maya: Heal + attack
5. Celeste: one of the best player for your team

Galahad, Astaroth, arcane, and Lilith can heal themselves.

Now talk about the ultimate team.

In the earlier stage, you need to focus on basic team

1. Galahad
2. Asthoth
3. Phobos
4. Thea
5. Artemis

If you get Kiera than you can replace Astaroth with Kiera.

Now you have replaced Artemis further replace with Orion, Jhu or Lars and Krista.

So your next teams are

1. galhad 2 Phobos 3 Thea 4 Artemis 5 Kiera

1 galhad 2 Thea 3 Kiera 4 orion 5 dark star

1 Rufus 2 Ishmael 3 thea 4 Kiera 5 Orion

1 Galahad 2 Ishmael Keira 4 thea 5 Oreon and Jorgen for pvp

1 galhad 2 kiera 3 nebula 4 thea 5 jhu and gorgen for pvp

1 lars and Krista 2 Astaroth 4 nebula 5 celeste 6 jorgen pvp

Cleaver is an amazing tank that can destroy all the enemies but hard to get.

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