How to win Everytime In Ludo

Ludo is a mind game. It’s a 2 to 6 player game. When dices roll out, you can move one piece further. Who enters all his pieces into the center first wins the game. This is the race between you and your opponent to move all the tokens from start to the end. If you put all your tokens inside the goal you will win, if your opponent does first you will lose.

You need to build up some strategies against your opponents to win. You need to use different -2 strategies against two players or four players game.

How to Win Two Players Game

The two-player game is very fast so you need to focus on entering your tokens into inside the goal. If your strategy is hit and play then you will lose the game if your plan doesn’t work.

So be practical: Move your first token to opponent’s home. Stay there and wait for six to move further. You can hit the opponent token if you get a chance.

Follow the same process and win the game.

Hold for 1 to 2 sec if you didn’t get 1 or 6 for a long time. This trick works only if you didn’t get 1 or 6 for a long time.

How to Win Four Players

Always try to sit left side of the strongest player and right side of the week player. It works 75% if you play normally. 
Try your tokens to move to others’ homes and move when you get six. 
Try to distract opponents if you losing If someone tries this trick on you. Don’t argue and focus on your game.

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